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Thomson Lab

Desai Lab

Jun Lab

El Samad Lab

Thomson Lab at Caltech

Labarge Lab at City of Hope

Schaffer Lab

Craik Lab


Klein Lab

Tlsty Lab

Vale Lab


Tracker - a tool to view & curate single-particle tracks.

NEP - a tool to annotate and score a set of movies for behavioral phenotypes.


Cancer center seminars

CCB/Biophysics seminars

Biochemistry seminars

PSPG seminars

BMS seminar series

Dept. of chemistry seminars (UCB)

Graduate Programs

UCSF Chemistry and Chemical Biology Graduate Program (CCB)

UCSF Tetrad graduate program

UCSF BMS graduate program

UCSF Biophysics Graduate Program

UCSF and UC Berkeley Graduate Program in Bioengineering


Mission Bay services

Lab Safety

LHAT (certify lab hazards and get free PPE)

Lab Safety Manual (CHP, IIPP, BUA, etc.)

UC Safety (print chemical waste tags, view training history, find MSDS)

RIO (chemical and biological use protocols, chemical inventory, view training certificates


Gartner Lab Resource Schedule

Gartner Lab Wiki

Chemical Inventory

David Liu's Lab

Carolyn Bertozzi's Lab


Information about single cell RNAseq sample multiplexing using lipid-tagged indices

MULTIseq is a tool for multiplexing single cell RNA sequencing experiments. A preprint describing the method can be found here: "MULTI-seq: scalable sample multiplexing for single-cell RNA sequencing using lipid-tagged indices" The revised manuscript should be online soon at Nature Methods

Software and other information regarding demultiplexing MULTIseq data here

Request MULTIseq reagents here