• Grace passes her quals and shows off her trophy!

    grace quals

    Go Grace!

  • Honesty joins the lab, welcome!

  • Jen passes her quals with flying colors!

    hurray jen quals

    Go Jen!


  • Lyndsay opens her own lab at Genentech!

  • Grace and Jen join the lab!

  • Katie graduates and accepts a job at GC Therapeutics!

  • Zev is re-elected as a Chan Zuckerberg Biohub Investigator!

  • Austin is awarded a fellowship from the CZ Biohub to further our collaboration with Rafael Gomez-Sjoberg's group!


  • Brittany is awarded a prestigious LSRF postdoctoral fellowship.

  • Tyler is honored to be awarded an F32 postdoctoral fellowship from the NIH.

  • Qin joins the lab. Welcome!

  • Kim joins the lab. Welcome!

  • Austin joins the lab. Welcome!

  • Ali joins us to forward our joint project with the Klein Lab.

  • Gabby passes her quals. Woohoo!

  • Congratulations to Jennifer for graduating and starting at Upside foods.

  • Hikaru graduates and begins a position at Gordian Biotechnology.

  • Katie graduates and begins a position at GC Therapeutics.

  • Chris graduates and begins his postdoc at Stanford.


  • Members of the Gartner Lab contribute to COVID screening at the CLIAHUB.

  • Amanda graduates and accepts a position with the ATOM consortium.

  • Gabby joins the lab.

  • Iain is awarded a UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship.

  • Iain is recognized with a UCSF HIVE and CIHR fellowship.

  • The NIH has funded our growing collaboration with the Klein Lab to investigate the self-organizing properties of the intestinal mesenchyme.


  • Tyler joins the lab.

  • Iain joins the lab.

  • Brittany joins the lab.

  • Kiet passes his quals.

  • Danny passes his quals.

  • Dave accepts a position as scientist with 10X Genomics.

  • The NIH Physical Science Oncology Network has funded our work investigating tissue self-organization in breast cancer.


  • Alex starts his lab at UPenn.

  • Danny joins the lab.

  • Kiet joins the lab.

  • Katie and Jennifer share their work at Grad Slam.

  • Lyndsay and Jennifer win best poster prize at the Santa Cruz Developmental Biology Meeting.

  • Lyndsay takes third place at Postdoc Slam.

  • Chris passes his quals.

  • Dave is awarded an NIH postdoctoral fellowship.





  • Alec’s paper appears online in PNAS.

  • Rob and Sam’s paper is out.

  • Lyndsay joins the lab.

  • Rob holding a qualifying champion belt.

    Rob passes quals. Woohoo!

  • Justin graduates with his PhD.

  • Justin and Kade publish in JoVE.

  • Sam’s paper out in JACS.

  • Kyle becomes a professor.

  • Andrew joins the lab.

  • Max joins the lab.

  • Amanda passes her quals. Sweet!


  • Alex joins the lab.

  • Kade passes quals. Nice!

  • Justin’s paper is out in Nature Methods.

  • Jen graduates with her PhD.

  • Chithra joins the lab.

  • Alec passes quals. Felicitations!

  • Rob joins the lab.


  • Jen’s paper is out in Cell Reports.

  • Kade joins the lab.

  • Kyle is awarded NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship.

  • Amanda joins the lab.

  • Nick’s paper appears in JACS.


  • Congratulations, Zev.

  • Alec joins the lab.

  • Noel passes quals. Fantastic!

  • Sam passes quals. Hurray!

  • Michael passes quals. Congrats!

  • Kyle Joins the lab.

  • Nick leaves the lab and starts medical school at UCSF.

  • Matthias starts a job in Austria.

Before 2011

  • Mathias joins the lab.

  • Sam and Noel join the lab.

  • Nick joins the lab.

  • Justin and Michael join the lab.

  • Jen joins the lab.

  • The Gartner lab opens its doors!

    2001: A Space Odyssey: space baby facing earth.

    A lab is born...