Lab News


Brittany is awarded a prestigious LSRF postdoctoral fellowship!

Tyler is honored to be awarded an F32 postdoctoral fellowship from the NIH!


Members of the Gartner lab contribute to COVID screening at the CLIAHUB!

Amanda graduates and accepts a position with the ATOM consortium!

Gabby joins the lab!

Iain is awarded a UC President's Postdoctoral Fellowship!

Iain is recognized with a UCSF HIVE and CIHR fellowship!

The NIH has funded our growing collaboration with the Klein lab to investigate the self-organizing properties of the intestinal mesenchyme!


Tyler joins the lab!

Iain joins the lab!

Brittany joins the lab!

Kiet passes his quals!

Danny passes his quals!

Dave accepts a position as scientist with 10X Genomics!

The NIH Physical Science Oncology Network has funded our work investigating tissue self-organization in breast cancer!


Alex starts his lab at UPenn!

Danny joins the lab!

Kiet joins the lab!

Katie and Jennifer share their work at Grad Slam!

Lyndsay and Jennifer win best poster prize at the Santa Cruz Developmental Biology Meeting!

Lyndsay takes third place at Postdoc Slam!

Chris passes his quals!

Dave is awarded an NIH postdoctoral fellowship!


Alejandro joins the lab!

Olivia is awarded an NSF fellowship!

Chris joins the lab!

<---Jesse, Hikaru, and Olivia pass their quals!

Zev is elected a Chan Zuckerberg Biohub Investigator!

Read Jennifer's commentary on how organoids could be used to study aging in humans

Alex's paper on engineering tissue folding is out in Developmental Cell!

Andrew and Efren take to the surf at our annual lab retreat!


Kade's paper in collaboration with the Jun lab is accepted at Cell!

Lab Marriage! Sam and Rob tie the knot!

Alex and Zev meet Jill Biden and Vice President Joe Biden at UCSF!!

Andrew and Michael's collaboration with the Schaffer lab on building synthetic cell communities is out in Nature Communications!


Andrew passes his Quals! Go Andrew!

Zev is selected among the Brilliant 10 by Popular Science!

Noel and Michael's paper on 3D tissue synthesis is out in Nature Methods!

Jennifer, Katy and Efren join the lab!

Alex is awarded a prestigious Jane Coffin Childs Postdoctoral Fellowship!

Lyndsay is awarded a prestigious Damon Runyon Postdoctoral Fellowship!

Dave and Vasudha join the lab!

Zev gets promoted!

Alec graduates!

Michael graduates!

Noel graduates!


Alec's paper appears online in PNAS!

Rob and Sam's paper is out!

Lyndsay joins the lab!

Rob passes quals! Woohoo! --------->

Justin Graduates with his PhD!

Justin & Kade publish in JoVE!

Sam's paper out in JACS!.

Kyle becomes a professor!.

Andrew Joins the lab!

Max joins the lab!

Amanda passes her quals! Sweet!


Alex joins the lab.

Kade passes quals! Nice!

Justin's paper is out in Nature Methods.

Jen Graduates with her PhD!

Chithra joins the lab.

Alec passes quals! Felicitations!

Rob joins the lab.


Jen's paper is out in Cell Reports.

Kade joins the lab.

Kyle is awarded NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship

Amanda joins the lab.

Nick's paper appears in JACS.


Contratulations Zev!

Alec joins the lab.

Noel passes quals! Fantastic!

Sam passes quals! Hurray!

Michael passes quals! Congrats!

Kyle Joins the Lab.

Nick Leaves the lab and starts medical school at UCSF.

Matthias starts a job in Austria.

Before 2011

Mathias joins the lab

Sam & Noel join the lab

Nick joins the lab

Justin & Michael join the lab

Jen joins the lab.

Zev starts his lab.